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I was hoping Del was using Ampeg amps. As an older person and huge fan of live music, even now, I can not tell you how upset this made me as I knew it might be my last chance to see Kate. I have seen thousands of musicians live but not Kate. As a teenager I had a Kate Bush poster on my door and my bass player brilliantly drew the KT from Army Dreamers on the arm of my leather jacket which I wore from 14 until I could no longer fit into it. The bizarre thing is because of the music I enjoyed, punk and metal, I thought no one would know what it meant but I went to many, many punk and metal gigs and played many punk and metal gigs and everywhere I went there would be at least one person who would point and say Kate Bush.

I can safely say Kate you have the most diverse fan base ever. I even went to a black metal gig and someone knew what it meant.

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I just wish there could have been a way for real fans to have been singled out and given the option to purchase a much deserved ticket for years of loyalty. Drummers are not always held in high regard so the fact that you think they are the beating heart warms mine.

What a phenomenal line up. I think you need to be a drummer to understand fully. I played that video until the tape started to wear, because I loved it but also to try and understand what Preston Heyman was playing. I am hoping you will release one for Before the Dawn because part of the beauty behind a video or DVD, as well as feeling like you are there, is that it teaches us things that a mere CD can not. For example there is a slowed down moment in The Song Remains the Same when I realised John Bonham starts his triplets with his left hand.

Little gems like that can give us great insight into music and musicians. Also the reviews I read, because I am a masochist, said the concert more than a mere gig but a work of art. For these reasons I think it is important that one day it is seen so all those who were not fortunate enough to source a ticket can appreciate the show too. They were called Cloudbusting and even got chatting to the drummer Kevin Cook afterwards and they were also all huge KT fans. I even took piano lessons briefly out of deference but I was terrible so switched to drums.

Thank you for many years of beautiful music and being one of my earliest musical memories singing Wuthering Heights in that white dress. I also later read the novel and visited Haworth Parsonage so you have educated me in many ways. Kate Bush, more than a musician, a true artist. If only she knew how much a DVD would me to us that tried so hard but failed to get tickets. I was one of the lucky ones who managed to get a ticket — because I was on the mailing list from Katebush.

None of my friends managed to get tickets on the official release date. I also tried without any success at all to get another date even though I took the morning off to be at my home PC! I was there on one of the two nights it was recorded. I was next to a guy who had travelled from Finland as indeed many were from overseas just for the show.

Like Ross above I am also in my fifties, although my older brother went to 3 gigs in for the Tour of Life — I was a little young to tag along with him, so like many I have waited 35 years to see her perform live. My only knowledge and appreciation of the shows was my beloved copy of the Hammersmith Video which has now long worn out, together with my VHS player — but it was so amazing to watch as well as to listen — personally just LISTENING to a live CD does not transport me [back] to a live show!

This oddly enough has never been released officially on DVD, although 2nd hand copies of the unofficial now blocked — but widely available when first released in Dutch Immortal Label DVD do crop up which was neither in HD nor re-mixed. I am not sure how many people saw the comment from Kate in November just before the Audio release of Before The Dawn. Needless to say I was so disappointed when I read the excerpt! I want to very much move on and do something new. It was a magical, visually stunning show which is what Kate wanted, she should be proud to put it out in its entirety on DVD.

Please let everyone appreciate it. It WAS beautiful! This is hard for me to understand. If I was in possession of something that would bring so much joy to the world… so much joy to people the world over…. I seem to remember a time when D. Talk about hiding your light under a Bushel….

Your email address will not be published. Please prove that you are a Kate Bush fan and not a spam robot! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. You can hear it in the clip below: Some fans arrived at the venue on the morning of March 28th, but no tickets were on sale there…. September 5, at am.

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TwinklyJules says:. September 10, at am. TerryB says:. September 13, at pm. Stephen B says:. September 16, at pm. Rob G says:. September 27, at pm.

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September 28, at am. June Miles says:. October 4, at pm.

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Tony says:. October 22, at am. Patrick says:. January 9, at pm. Lucia Poisson says:. January 26, at pm. Will there be a live album of the concert? January 27, at pm. Out of This World Comedy Music Romance. Hold That Blonde! Certificate: Passed Comedy. This Gun for Hire Slattery's Hurricane Certificate: K Action Adventure Drama. Ramrod Romance Western. The Blue Dahlia Crime Film-Noir Mystery. An ex-bomber pilot is suspected of murdering his unfaithful wife. Miss Susie Slagle's I Married a Witch Comedy Fantasy Romance.

Edit Cast Cast overview: Franchot Tone Jim Hetherton Veronica Lake Dora Bruckmann John Sutton Roger Hetherton Binnie Barnes May Heatherton Henry Stephenson Hetherton Philip Merivale Sir Leslie Buchanon Nils Asther Kurt van der Breughel Edmund Breon Freddy Merritt David Leland Tommy Hetherton Aminta Dyne Edit Storyline A beautiful Austrian refugee in England--who is also a Nazi agent--marries a scholarly English pacifist. Taglines: W. Somerset Maugham's most savage portrait of a dangerous woman! Language: English German.

Runtime: 74 min.

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Color: Black and White. Edit Did You Know? Quotes Jim Hetherton : Those who want to fight can. I won't. Hetherton : You're not serious. Jim Hetherton : Of course I'm serious. You all know how I feel. It's nothing new. I hate war and I can have no part in it. Sir Leslie Buchanon : We all hate war, Jim. It's just there are some things we hate even more.

Things we can't go on living with. There is so much they have been through. What must they still endure? But they also prove that love and laughter is still possible. And that if they never give up hope, that just maybe, each new dawn could bring them closer to a safe and happy life in this new reality they are forced to call their norm.

View all 26 comments. The Virus. This is another episode in the fight to survive, to live and to re-build a world nearly drained of its very soul, the greatest battle is coming and one vision tells them it will be here, Before the Dawn. Prepare yourselves for the final showdo The Virus. Prepare yourselves for the final showdown between good and evil, as Lindsey Pogue and Lindsey Fairleigh join creative forces once again in book four of The Ending Series, Before the Dawn.

Lindsey Pogue and Lindsey Fairleigh are a writing team that shares the same love for their work and it shows as they pull out all the stops in this gut-clenching tale! Sometimes, I wanted to cry, I feared the unknown along with the characters and I rejoiced at reunions that held powerful emotional strings. Follow along as this group becomes the David to the Goliath of evil steamrolling their way as they combine all of their powers to make what could be their last stand!

Fairleigh and Ms. These authors can write, they know how to give life to their pages and draw each reader in, fully and completely! If an author can have me re-thinking events as if they truly happened while sorting out my emotions, they have mastered their craft and done it well! And just revenge?


They nailed that one perfectly! Simply breathtaking! Start to finish, constant action, and constant turmoil haunt the survivors, their ragtag family and the world around them. Heroes will die as unlikely heroes rise up against the vile megalomaniac and his inhuman army on the march. Zoe and Dani will undergo their own metamorphoses into strong and powerful leaders in their own right as they live through more pain and doubt, more losses and more heartwarming gains.

Love is renewed, families find joy in the middle of sorrow and the group becomes as one cohesive body. Will sins of the past be forgiven? Where there is hope, anything can happen in this uncharted new world!

finished a arrb but can't get 'before the dawn quest' where is it?

View 2 comments. This entire series and accompanying novellas is something I stumbled across in January and have happily devoured. While the entire series is amazing I think this final book is just perfect. Without spoilers, this book has so much going on but manages to stay on a clear overall line and give you the best parts of each character that you've grown to love or love to hate throughou Before the Dawn by Lindsey Fairleigh and Lindsey Pogue is the fourth and final full novel in The Ending series.

Without spoilers, this book has so much going on but manages to stay on a clear overall line and give you the best parts of each character that you've grown to love or love to hate throughout all of the prior books and manages to end the series in a way that wants you to know more but are content with how things have ended in the series. Where to begin?

I don't want to write this review because it means that the Ending Series has come to an end. I have followed this series and have fallen in love with each and every character. This was probably the best book in the series - hands down. We finally learn so much more and questions are answered.

I am beyond happy with how this book ended. Am I pissed it ended, hell yes! I wish it could go on forever. However, like all good things, it must come to an end. I felt sad for the ones that w Where to begin? I felt sad for the ones that were lost and beyond excited for the lives of the ones who are still around. Dani kicked ass in her little spitfire way, while Zoe continued to be a strong, independent badass. I fell more in love with Jason and Jake. We come full circle for a certain mother and finally learn the truth behind certain actions.

Okay, I'm rambling now because I haven't come to terms with the fact it's over. I'll sum it up in a few words: READ. Jul 31, K. I am so sad that The Ending series has come to an end! I read the first 3 novels in quick succession and eagerly awaited this fourth installment. It didn't disappoint!

Every book in this series had me gripped. The authors are fantastic at pulling you in and not letting you go. There are so many emotions, conflicts and challenges but the 'family' are united. The characters are well written, so much so that I never could decide who I loved more especially between Jake and Jason. Buy them.

Read them I am so sad that The Ending series has come to an end! Read them. And fall in love with the story. I can honestly say that I was somewhat surprised by this book. I went into the fourth book full of trepidation that it was going to be yet another long drag through a narrative where very little happened. Let me first say that the writing in Before The Dawn was pretty damn flawless. Not a single one—which is pretty amazing. Their world was rich, fraught with danger and uncertainty, and unlike the previous book, had some pretty great action oriented moments.

This was probably one of my favorite books in the series thus far—it may even be my favorite.

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Overall, I really enjoyed the book, and I think it was a fantastic ending to the series. For the full First Look,head over to Heroes and Heartbreakers! Before the Dawn delivers with action, adventure, resolution, and drama in a huge way! A wonderful finale to a wonderful series. I'm going to miss them! If you love apocalyptic stories, I highly recommend this series. It can be a bit slow at some points hence the 4 star rating but overall it's an interesting read. Lots of characters but a good cast of main ones for you to identify with and root for.

It's a different mix of action, love stories, dystopian scenery and science. Definitely recommend. This may have been my favorite of the four books. I enjoyed watching the characters adapt to their new lives, and fight to keep them. This entire series is a fun ride filled with adventure, love, and loss, and ended with all of that plus celebration of everything they made it through. Underwhelming There were a few points that got the emotions rising however I mostly continued reading to complete the series Wonderful story Couldn't wait to get to the next, and the next and the next and then the last.

Wonderful story written from the perspective of each of the primary characters. I highly recommend even if you don't like apocalyptic stories.