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Have you ever watched a movie, completely convinced that a certain character was going to die, only to be thoroughly shocked when they made it through?

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Here are 30 movie characters we totally expected to die but somehow survived. Avengers: Age of Ultron spends a significant portion of its second act establishing that Hawkeye Jeremy Renner has a secret family living out on Walden Pond or somewhere, and that his wife Laura Linda Cardellini desperately wants him to quit Avengering before he gets himself killed.

This is entirely likely given that he is the butt of virtually every joke made about the team of superheroes. Somehow, Hawkeye makes it to the end of the film, and Quicksilver Aaron Taylor-Johnson , a character to whom we have absolutely zero emotional attachment, dies instead. Event Horizon is a movie about a spaceship that travels to literal Hell-with-a-capital-H by passing through a tear in the universe and becomes super haunted. Like, so haunted the ghosts work rotating shifts. Jones are two charming members of a rescue crew sent to recover the ship, so we expect them to last about as long as an alliance with your rage-quitting friend Pete in a game of Risk.

Justin steps into a Hell portal, goes catatonic, and then walks naked out into space to try and kill himself… but survives.

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He spends the rest of the movie locked safely in a futuristic medicine tube. And the wise-cracking Cooper gets launched out into the void after the spaceship he is standing on completely explodes, only to somehow rocket back to the haunted ship in time to save the day. Part of what made the movie fresh and unique was its meta approach to horror films, perfectly embodied in the character of Randy Jamie Kennedy , an oddball nerd who patiently explains the rules of horror films to his fellow horror movie costars as they are being murdered.

But Randy miraculously survives, which in hindsight might not have been the best decision, as it convinced people that Jamie Kennedy should be cast in more movies. Twister follows a plucky group of storm chasers led by Jo Helen Hunt and Bill um, Bill Paxton as they pursue tornadoes across the Midwest with no visible source of employment or income. All of that is exactly what happens, except Meg is somehow basically ok and just has to spend the night in the hospital.

Aquaman and Ocean Master have a climactic, Lord of the Rings- style battle on the back of a futuristic submarine while mermaids and crab people and a mythological Kraken wage war around them. Then their mother Atlanna Nicole Kidman shows up and makes them stop fighting and sends Ocean Master to his room. Really thought he was going to get booted into a propeller or eaten by a sea monster. Nick Van Owen Vince Vaughn is the character everyone always forgets is in The Lost World: Jurassic Park , because that film was made during a time in the s when Vince Vaughn could quietly slip into a movie unnoticed like a tall, box-headed ninja.

Nick deliberately sabotages another expedition to keep them from killing a tyrannosaurus, which winds up costing several people their lives, because tyrannosaurs do not have the emotional capacity to show gratitude or understand when someone has done them a favor.

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The Joker does indeed get monkey-tossed off the construction site, but Batman fires a grappling hook into his trouser leg and hoists him to relative safety. Evidently the Joker uses a powerful Kevlar weave in his fanciful clown pants. Cal somehow makes it to the end of the film, unscathed and with not a hair out of place. The Operative Chiwetel Ejiofor is a relentless assassin tasked with recapturing psychic warrior ninja River Summer Glau after she is boosted from military custody by her brother Simon Sean Maher and hidden aboard a junky spaceship with a crew of charmingly witty miscreants.

Their irascible wit is not enough to stop The Operative from killing two of them. Serenity is a sequel to the beloved but short-lived series Firefly , so plenty of Firefly fans went to see this movie only to be gut-punched by the sudden, unexpected deaths of two major characters. Macy as he hires Carl Steve Buscemi and Gaear Peter Stormare to kidnap his wife so he can extort ransom money from his overbearing father-in-law.

But the cool-headed Marge merely wounds him, so she can bring both him and Jerry to justice. Almost every single character except Private Reiben gets killed, even Tom Hanks. Do you know how bold you have to be to kill Tom Hanks in a movie in instead of the up-and-coming supporting actor? Spielberg knew exactly how to make us experience the tragedy of war. When a mysterious mist descends upon the town, David Drayton Thomas Jane and a number of others find themselves trapped in a supermarket while gigantic stygian monsters patrol the streets like mall security guards.

One nameless woman Melissa McBride ignores the warnings of the others and leaves the relative safety of the store to go find her kids, and we absolutely do not expect to see her again. Except we do! So he basically gets away with everything, except Brad Pitt and B.

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Novak carve a swastika into his forehead, so not totally. And when we see the estranged relationship between Miles, his police offier father Brian Tyree Henry , and his super villain uncle Mahershala Ali , we know things are not going to end well. We are of course referring to Michael Caine , who plays the rascally pilot Hoagie. But no!

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The Mighty Ducks is the only film in history to have spawned a professional sports team, because Disney is the only entity on earth that can create and destroy matter. Hotshot attorney Gordon Bombay Emilio Estevez is forced to coach a pee wee hockey team after getting a DUI, and is riddled with anxiety over the prospect of having to play against his old hockey coach, whom he let down many years before by missing a game-losing shot.

His kindly old mentor Hans Joss Ackland offers him grandfatherly encouragement along the way, so we totally expect him to suffer a fatal heart attack or something the night before the big game. Shockingly, Hans turns out to be stouter than most wise old characters, and resists the narrative temptation to die tragically before the final act of the film. Even more in the danger zone was John Hammond Sir Richard Attenborough , the gentle but bumbling old billionaire who built Jurassic Park with little regard for the safety of his employees and guests. The casting of Goldblum so shook heaven and earth that Crichton brought Malcolm back to life in his sequel novel.

Independence Day: Resurgence is the sequel absolutely no one wanted, not even Will Smith. The conspicuously Smith-less cast of characters from the original find themselves battling the alien menace once again, including David Levinson Jeff Goldblum and his father Julius Judd Hirsch. Julius returns a few scenes later to cantankerously drive a bunch of newly-orphaned children to safety, which is a relative word, because he then has to drive that same bus away from a Godzilla-sized alien warlord.

Funny People follows George Simmons Adam Sandler , a famous comedian suddenly diagnosed with terminal cancer.

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When Margaret and Andrew finally reveal their hoax, Grandma Annie falls out with a heart attack and has to be flown to the nearest hospital, because Alaska is a wasteland. But she reveals midflight that the whole thing was a trick to get Andrew and his father Joe Craig T.

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I miss you. I should be able to call you up. I should be able to knock on your door. I should be able to see you face-to-face anytime I want. You should still be here, right now, giving me a reason to laugh instead of cry. You should still be here, right now, alive and well. No matter how many cliches are thrown at me about how only the good die young, no matter how many of those sayings I choose to believe to find some semblance of comfort, I will always believe that your death was bullshit.

I will always believe that y ou deserved so much more. You just have to show up and try.

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