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Hence the application is converted to.

Stay up to date with the GrapeCity feeds. For more information, contact us at: press grapecity. Search Cart My Account. NET Web Forms. NET Resources Documentation Technical Support Blogs. Back Spread Products Spread. Why conversion to C1FlexGridClassic? Following are the steps for the conversion: Take back up of your project. If practical, delete the old design time instances of the VSFlexGrid. If there are too many design time properties set, or have too many instances of the grid, then it may be easier to change the version in the designer code.

If you decide to keep the old design time instances or if you have created all instances in code then do not delete everything. In short, each instance needs to be replaced in case all instances of the VSFlexGrid were removed. You may also need to rename the grids to the old names for existing grid code to work, unless they just kept the default grid names. That means that those lovely smooth graphs you see in Flash stay smooth and resolution independent when you import them into a PDF. And while we were about it we wrote our own Flash export engine so you can convert your PDF documents to native vector Flash.

HTML import has been updated to use our new native Flash import engine. We've made numerous minor changes to our HTML import routines to mesh more closely with current versions of Windows and produce an even more perfect result. And if inconsistencies are detected we try and fix them automatically rather than failing. Well for this version we implemented a new COM layer over the native.

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Plus you get the advantages of the. ABCpdf now generates smaller documents in less time. Our new refactoring code eliminates all fat from your PDF documents. Plus a variety of optimizations both in specific and in general areas have produced great results. PDF rendering has been enhanced and optimized. ABCpdf supports complex structures like Type 4 functions both faster and more accurately. Memory usage for patterns and similar objects has been reduced. New document-as-image and image-as-document functionality.

For some people a TIFF is an image. For some it may be a multi-page fax document format. We now allow you to treat documents as images and images as documents. NET Standard 2. NET Core under the covers, so technically.

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  • NET Core. NET Core 2 in the future. NET Micro Framework is for running. NET code on highly resource-constrained embedded devices under 1 MB. Mono, the open source framework upon which Xamarin sits, also has libraries to develop cross-platform desktop applications on Linux, macOS, and Windows. Not all features are supported, or work fully. This works in conjunction with the standard. WinRT means two things:.

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    The predecessor to UWP, i. Microsoft Windows has historically provided a primitive execution interface in the form of low-level C-style function calls comprising the Win32 API. WinRT is much richer. This means that referencing a WinRT library from C feels much like referencing a. NET Core libraries. NET Framework platform, referencing the Windows 10 WinRT libraries is optional, and can be useful if you need to access Windows 10—specific features not otherwise covered in the.

    NET Framework. They also support mobile device-specific features such as sensors, text messaging, and so on the new functionality of Window 8, 8. For example, WinRT will adapt capitalization rules to suit the standards of the target language, and will even remap some functions and interfaces. WinRT assemblies also ship with rich metadata in. NET types, aside from namespace differences.

    Another clue is that WinRT types are subject to COM-style restrictions; for instance, they offer limited support for inheritance and generics. The following is a reverse chronology of the new features in each C version, for the benefit of readers already familiar with an older version of the language. Numeric literals in C 7 can include underscores to improve readability. These are called digit separators and are ignored by the compiler:.

    C 7 makes it easier to call methods that contain out parameters. First, you can now declare out variables on the fly:. You can also introduce variables on the fly with the is operator. You can specify conditions with a when clause, and also switch on the null value:. Local methods are visible only to the containing function, and can capture local variables in the same way that lambda expressions do.

    New Features in C# 7.0

    C 7 introduces the deconstructor pattern. Whereas a constructor typically takes a set of values as parameters and assigns them to fields, a deconstructor does the reverse and assigns fields back to a set of variables. We could write a deconstructor for the Person class in the preceding example as follows exception-handling aside :.

    Tuples provide a simple way to store a set of related values:. But thanks to compiler magic, tuple elements can be named:. With tuples, functions can return multiple values without resorting to out parameters:. Tuples implicitly support the deconstruction pattern, so they can easily be deconstructed into individual variables.


    We can rewrite the preceding Main method so that the tuple returned by GetFilePosition is instead assigned to two local variables, row and column :. Prior to C 7, throw was always a statement. Now it can also appear as an expression in expression-bodied functions:. The compiler itself is open source, and the source code is available at github. In addition, C 6. In the following example, result evaluates to null instead of throwing a NullReferenceException :. Read-only properties can also be set in the constructor, making it easier to create immutable read-only types.

    Format :. This avoids breaking code when you rename a symbol in Visual Studio:. Asynchronous functions enable asynchronous continuations , which make it easier to write responsive and thread-safe rich-client applications. Dynamic binding Chapters 4 and 20 defers binding —the process of resolving types and members—from compile time to runtime and is useful in scenarios that would otherwise require complicated reflection code.

    Dynamic binding is also useful when interoperating with dynamic languages and COM components. Type variance rules were relaxed in C 4. First, arguments can be passed by reference without the ref keyword particularly useful in conjunction with optional parameters. Second, assemblies that contain COM interop types can be linked rather than referenced. Linked interop types support type equivalence, avoiding the need for Primary Interop Assemblies and putting an end to versioning and deployment headaches.

    Third, functions that return COM-Variant types from linked interop types are mapped to dynamic rather than object , eliminating the need for casting. The features added to C 3. LINQ enables queries to be written directly within a C program and checked statically for correctness, and query both local collections such as lists or XML documents or remote data sources such as a database. The C 3.

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    Object initializers work with both named and anonymous types.