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A Better Way Of Asking For The Order

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Privacy Overview. How frustrating it is to do what I was told and get zero results for my efforts. In order for you to have a prospect that will be ready to convert into a paying client i.

90% of customers won't buy unless you ask!

In addition to identifying these two items, you also have a prospect motivated to do something. That means they are either buying from you or one of your competitors. If you ask these three questions you will have a much stronger chance of moving your relationship from prospect to paying client. I wish I could give a you silver bullet that worked every time, but these three questions will get you pretty darn close each time.

Sales Training 101: Ask For The Order!

If your prospect gives you wishy-washy answers, is noncommittal, etc. You will want to dig into the reasons keeping them from moving ahead together.

Asking for the order

I promise you if you make a commitment to ask for the order more often and earlier at times, you will be surprised and find yourself with more orders and shortened sales cycles-or at the very least you will know very well which clients are real and which are not. This result is a very accurate pipeline and a happier rep and manager!

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You know where you stand and what you have to do. ASKING for the order, along with effective use of selling techniques is like taking a temperature to see where you are.

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  4. If you have never had SPIN selling, then find a class, ask your boss or get the book. Its on of the best parts of sales!