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Always expand your network, the web of incredibly valuable and successful relationships that will ensure your continued success. Remember to cultivate winning relationships, keep yourself in the minds of others, and you will enjoy a success long admired by your customers, friends and competitors alike.

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People who've had a Near Death Experience NDE tend to come back from their brush with death prepared to make powerful changes in their lives, often beginning with their relationships. Their courageous approach to life can inspire and inform us all. The first thing many NDErs do is to strengthen their relationships by bolstering the ones they've neglected or forgotten.

Near Death experiencers become less materialistic, less fearful, and more loving and forgiving after their recovery. They've been to the Light and they've realize just how important their relationships are. They strive to love unconditionally, the way they were loved during their brief sojourn on the other side.

21 Secrets To Wedded Bliss From Happily Married Couples

We can and should learn from their lessons by taking our relationships more seriously and investing in them with our hearts and souls. Building great relationships takes time, patience and work, but it is worth it. Nothing can make us happier than great relationships. NDEs affect relationships in many ways. Learn how to support someone who has had a NDE and improve your relationship with them.

15 Secrets To Marital Bliss From Longstanding Married Couples

Read More. Take 5 for stress and you will be healthier and happier, and you'll live longer. Managing stress is as easy as finding 5 minutes to relax whenever you can. What are the five biggest relationship mistakes? Learn how the most serious relationship problems develop and how to fix them.

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Subscribe Contact Me eStore. Carl Rogers' Formula If we follow Carl Rogers' three precepts of empathy, congruence, and unconditional positive regard, building great relationships becomes a reality. The first of these four is criticism. Couples who can avoid criticizing one another — like hyperbolizing complaints like "you didn't take out the trash this month" to "you never help around the house" — are more likely to stay together long-term.

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The second of the Four Horsemen is contempt. Communicating with contempt connotes things like disrespect, condescension, or mocking. Avoiding this is really important for a long-lasting relationship. Dara says. You probably don't appreciate it when a partner attacks you with contempt, so avoiding it yourself is also worthwhile. The third of the Four Horsemen , defensiveness, is another scientifically-backed enemy to long-lasting happiness in relationships. If you want to last with your partner long-term, responding to criticism with defensiveness isn't advised.

Successful couples are able to concede to admitting they're mistaken every once and a while. The fourth of the Four Horsemen , stonewalling, is another communication style backed by research to be detrimental to couples' success. According to science, through research conducted by the Gottman Institute , there is, in fact, a " magic relationship ratio. In successful relationships, couples are able to limit one negative interaction to five positive ones. This ratio is hard to measure in your daily life, but a worthwhile goal to strive for.

Research compiled by Happify also has shown that couples who actually take the time to have meaningful conversations with one another are more likely to succeed.

Science Shows These Are The 11 Secrets To A Happy, Long Relationship

The more successful couples talk, on average, five hours more a week, than ones who don't last. Just being together, and talking, can help strengthen your relationship. Making time for intimacy is important in a relationship, according to Happify. More sex isn't always tied directly to a better relationship, but the happiest couples have sex once a week.

25 Simple Secrets Of Long Lasting Relationships - 25 Long Lasting Relationship Tips

New experiences, too, are important to a successful long-term relationship. Happify's compiled research shows that couples who do new things together report feeling more loving and supportive of one another, and more satisfied with their marriages. John Gottman's motto is " small things often ," and the Gottman Institute backs this claim up with science.


Small gestures really do count in a marriage or long-term partnership. Daily rituals, and habits of saying things like "please," "thank you," and "sorry," all add up over time. Successful couples build these things into their relationship, and it can help keep these couples happy over time. Predicting relationship success is not an exact science, but there is a lot of research out there.

These keys to happiness that long-term couples have found are largely about making small changes to be more considerate of your partner's feelings. A long, happy relationship may be more attainable than you realize.