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A low-rent reporter gets into trouble with a shadowy crime syndicate after his beat partner is found dead in a canal. An old-school actress puts on a huge show when her precious dog dies. Taking it to the taxidermist, she finds herself in the middle of arson, kidnapping, murder and the adoption of--of all things--a cat. Thriller based on historical fact: a great work of art--an entire room carved entirely out of amber-- was stolen from Russia by the Nazis and has not been seen since An Atlanta judge follows clues left by her father after he mysteriously dies, clues to something made out of amber.

A corpse stops a construction crew and Belle and Roscoe are on the case.

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Follow-up to the noted Forty Words for Sorrow Berkley, 6. Two bodies have surfaced in the woods and the cops are catapulted back to a year-old unsolved case. Signed Copies Available. Simon Brett , Murder in the Museum Aug. When a skeleton is discovered at the historic home of a famed author, it must be determined if he used anything mightier than his pen. In England, Father Anselm offers sanctuary to an old man persecuted by the world--a wanted Nazi war criminal.

This is not the first time the church has helped this man, as it also helped him flee to England after the war. As Father Anselm looks into the circumstances, he faces complex moralities. Archeologist Emma Fielding unearths a pair of corpses in a small Massachusetts village.

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