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Sometimes writers can get confused about the geography of the spaces or environments they are creating. Usually, there are reasons for inconsistencies like this—things need to be a certain way to make the action move forward. An editor can also be useful in helping you create consistent characters. Perhaps they have the intellect of a 30 year old but the vulnerability of an 18 year old? If so, how can help you show both while rendering a believable character? A good editor can help you pinpoint these things and figure out how to use them to your advantage, while keeping the story intact.

For me, the starting point of any writing relationship is critical. If the text does resonate with me, the next step will be to give the writer some feedback and see how they respond. Karmen : Someone they can trust. Ideally, they should look for a person with expertise in storytelling or literature who understands their genre. Ready for new writing challenges?

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This short story is meant to be read in the future, perhaps in bed on a rainy night. When the mind wonders down memory lane, when recollections come to warm us up, to fill us with nostalgia, joy and hope. So, here it goes. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness. It was the autumn of hope in Brussels, on a cool and crisp 22nd of November evening, year A.

The clock hands showed 7 in the evening. Waterstones bookshop in Brussels was extraordinarily busy that night. The second floor was packed with eagerness and anticipation as invitees, visitors and passers-by awaited the launch of the second Anthology of the Brussels Writers Circle. The enthusiastic audience soaked up spoken extracts from the accomplished works of:. There was delight for those who managed to make it from afar. There was speculation, there was aspiration: what about a new Anthology? The BWC Anthology number 3?

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As I said in the beginning, this is just a short story meant to be read in a comfy bed in an old house on a rainy night. What are you currently working on and what inspired you to start writing it? This became the seed for my story. Who was I to refuse my daughters? So, what is the story about? The Guardians of the Tides a tale of three siblings — Celeste 15 , Newton 12 and Clementine 5 Willow — who move abroad to the coastal town of St Estelle after an accident back home makes them chose a new life in France. In Book 1: Accidental Creations, the Willows discover strange things swept in through The Tides —phytoluminescent squid, silver-beaked birds, and a fountain of blue letters.

They also come across a strange woman in the mists who tries to tempt Celeste across to the Land of the Black Sands, and who sends a box full of black beetles formed out of twisted black words to contaminate St Estelle. Soon Accidental Creations stalk St Estelle — Shadow-people who suck out music through long thin trumpets, Spark-flies that leech colour, and a wooden Golem that saps ideas.

Darius tries to get back a stolen voice of his ex-love Elodie in this desolate land, but is seduced its secrets — the vast granite cliffs are covered in crystals, each housing the last memory of a passing soul who unravelled in this land. Darius becomes addicted to the stories and music from The Wall of Words and wagers his soul. Freya and Georgiu engage the Willow children to help bring Darius back, but not all ends as it should.

Celeste escapes but is infected by black tattoos that creep up her feet and legs, whispering the longing of souls that have passed through the land. Where and when does the action take place? It is a contemporary but also timeless novel taking place in St Estelle, a fictitious coastal town on vast tidal estuarine beaches in France. It also takes places in the borderlands, particularly in the Land of the Black Sands — the land through which souls pass and unravel, leaving their most precious memories or dreams as crystals on the granite cliffs. Their longings raid down as black sands, and the rest of their soul becomes threads of white letters that are abducted by the mists and taken to the Land of Silver Sands, where the souls reside.

The Willows manage to get to the Green Lands, a world of unbridled nature, a source of new species reaching St Estelle via The Tides, that, together with the Mists, create a portal between the worlds. How long have you been working on it? Close to every day for six years for the trilogy.

I sometimes slowed as I focused on other projects — poetry, short stories, and the BWC anthology -The Circle , but it never went far from my thoughts. Did you writing change from book one to book three? I think the first draft of book 3 was better than the 11th draft of the first book! The first two books were in omniscient third person. No matter how close I tried to get to the characters, I always felt a little too far away, so when I got to book three I adopted a new approach — I wrote the chapters led by Celeste, C-Sharp the magpie, and a new character, Amelia, in first person.

I really enjoyed that. What were some of the best and some of the most challenging parts so far? The best bits came when the characters take over the story, and it writes itself. My crazy little magpie, C-Sharp, drove chunks of book 3 forward, as did Celeste who had to cope with being alone and lost in the Land of Black Sands, gradually discovering its true nature. I enjoyed creating the contaminating black word beetles that infest everything they touch with longing and even more with the Shadow people that are like cloaked monks that suck music in through their long thin trumpets, leaving but silence.

The challenging part? On the process — the getting feedback is, when one can be dispassionately lucid, great. This is particularly intense but also rewarding : I sent off the manuscript for a professional manuscript assessment, attended online courses inter alia , by the inimical Scott Bradfield , and asked for alpha and BETA readers. I got a range of wonderfully positive feedback, but at least an equal amount of critical feedback. It was probably in the ratio of 1 to 2. And where are you at now? So, I suspect it will take another two years before I can dream of it being on the shelves of Waterstones down the road.

So be ready for ! How did the BWC help you in the course of your work? What was the best feedback you got from the group? Week in, week out, over two years, the BWC writers give me a good balance of encouragement and critical advice as I read much of book 1 and parts of the other two tomes. Perhaps the best advice:. Where will it fit on a bookshelf? I must admit that for a cross-over novel it could fit on different shelves.

Who will the final version of your novel definitely not be suitable for? Those who want an action-packed thriller with one main protagonist and an easily recognisable villain and simple linear storyline. Anyone adverse to poetic, philosophical reflections, or a lace-work of parallel, then inter-twining plot lines may be on a new adventure.

We assume that it will one day be published to universal acclaim and that a Hollywood blockbuster will be made from it. Which actors will play the principal roles? Octavia Spencer would be a bit more mystical than the characters she plays, and Robert Downey Jr. Albert Dupontel would be able to step right into the role with due ageing creams.

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For Celeste, Newton and Clementine, it gets more difficult. Wait no more! This collection of short stories, poems, book chapters and screenplay is a work of 34 authors from 19 countries. On Thursday 22 November you can meet the authors, hear them read from the anthology and get your hands on your own copy of The Circle, still fresh from the print.

One core theme of the anthology is naturally Brussels. Other themes include travel and immigration, life, love, and loss. Come and listen, come and read, and discover the voices behind the themes. Who are the authors? The Circle brings together new emerging voices and prize-winning authors , including:. Mauricio Ruiz, a poet, short story writer and novelist, has been short-listed for numerous prizes, including the Bridport Prize, Myriad Editions Competition and the Fish Short Story Competition. Arkenberg, Hamed Mobasser and Ocean Smets, have won prizes.

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Martin for short stories, Todd for his novels, Hamed for film-scrips, and Ocean for poetry. It is only a matter of time for the other emerging writers in The Circle to have their voices recognised. Who will be reading? Many of the other authors will be there too — so come and ask them about their work, their dreams and their secrets as to why they write about what they write! And maybe you can get them to recite a poem or extract between the shelves of books while you sip a glass of wine. Commission en direct talked to David about his experience.

What drew you to writing? I think it started off with an interest in reading. And then the more geeky side of my personality has always been interested in imagined worlds, and wondered, how do I go about interesting other people in the products of my own imagination? So, that drew me inevitably to science fiction and fantasy as genres for writing.

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And then I start analysing the world in terms of, how can I transcribe this stuff into a novel? But an architect or someone who aspires to the part will look at it and note the symmetry of the columns or the construction of the portico…. What have you written already? It actually came out of a dream or rather nightmare that I had one night at about in the morning. I woke up and was too scared to go back to sleep, so I noted mentally the main points and then started to write it up as a sort of post-facto rationalisation of what the nightmare was actually about.

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