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Metadata Show full item record. My aim was to go beyond a sex-role theory analysis and assess how these modern variants revise a traditional plotline to construct the girl in terms of her agency, transformation, and fate. Emphasis was placed not only on comparing and contrasting the girl and the female experience across these three texts, but also on placing these texts within the context of gender studies and fairy tale scholarship at large. A major premise of this thesis is that fairy tales are in an incredibly powerful position to inform, socialize, and re-socialize both children and adults.

Moreover, says Tatar, the story "also teaches young girls how to deal with the idea of marrying young and being in an arranged marriage.

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Yes, as much as the new version of BATB rewrites Belle to have personal agency , the original story was very much about young women—girls, really—being married off to old er men, who kept them in their castles and dressed them up and made them come down to dinner and…well, you know the rest.

So much about the tale makes sense now, right?

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To a girl of, say, 13, a man who has gone through puberty is basically a huge, scary, smelly beast. In a way BATB is a comforting story of how even if this happens to you, you can make the best of it and get to know the person; you don't have to be scared and feel doomed. Or immediately likeable. Or whatever else you were hoping for in a husband. There's hope. That's not all: "That's one side of the message," explains Tatar.

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I don't think Madame de Beaumont emphasized this, but the monster is a projection of our own anxieties. We create these monsters, and then make peace with those monsters. Like the beast, he suffered from, essentially, what felt like a curse—and time was running out.

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And just as the villagers feared the beast, society wouldn't and didn't help victims of the AIDS epidemic until, for many, it was too late. Of course, the original beast was a metaphor for other things. Part of the message, Tatar says, is "recognizing also that the monster out there isn't necessarily the one to be feared. But in academics uncovered references to a "humpbacked" carver in the memoirs of Henry Sibson, a 19th Century British sculptor working at the cathedral at around the time the book was written.

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The documents were found during a house clearance in Penzance, Cornwall, and are now part of the Tate archive. Disney's film tells the story of how Pocahontas saves the life of English explorer John Smith in the 17th Century, after Native American "savages" attack him, and the pair eventually fall in love. The Powhaton Nation , descendants of the real Pocahontas, complained to Disney saying the film "distorts history beyond belief". Pocahontas was born in about and named Matoaka. Her nickname, Pocahontas, means "the naughty one".

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She was taken prisoner by English colonialists aged 17 and was held hostage for more than a year. To secure her release, she agreed to marry year-old widower John Rolfe and changed her name to Rebecca Rolfe.

The real John Smith wrote three accounts of his time with the Powhaton people, but it took 17 years for him to acknowledge that Pocahontas had saved his life. In the film, Mulan disguises herself as a man to take the place of her ill father in the Chinese army.

Disney's version is based on the Ballad of Mulan, a poem written in the fourth or fifth century in China. Hua Mulan was described as a warrior, who by the age of 12 was said to be skilled in kung fu and using swords.