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A spin-off of the "Joe thought he killed Candace" theory, this one posits that — like after he pushed the record producer off the roof — Joe ran to Mooney Mark Blum for help thinking he had murdered Candace. Then, when Mooney went to dispose of the body or check out the crime scene, he discovered Candace alive and told her to disappear and promised he wouldn't tell Joe the truth. Not wanting the fact that she survived to get back to Joe, Candace went off the grid and started a new life for herself with completely new friends. But when she heard about Beck's book and connected Beck to Joe, Candace may have felt compelled to return to New York to prevent Joe from hurting anyone else Candace and Joe made a deal.

Two preceding theories run into the issue of why Candace didn't just go to the cops, and there may be a very simple answer to that: Joe had dirt on Candace. When Joe had Benji Lou Taylor Pucci and Beck each trapped in the cage, they naturally attempted to bargain with Joe; Benji offered up the video of him accidentally killing his friend and Beck wrote the story that framed Dr.

Nicky John Stamos for all of Joe's crimes. Neither were able to make a deal to save their lives, but maybe Candace, seemingly the Patient Zero of Joe's violent obsessions, was able to do what no one else could and convinced Joe to let her go in exchange for her silence. Or maybe he tried to kill her, she survived but still didn't go to the cops out of fear that Joe would use whatever he had on Candace against her if she went public.

From what little we've seen of Candace, it definitely seems like she might have her own dark side lurking underneath her hipster veneer, so we wouldn't be surprised if Joe had some seriously twisted blackmail material on her.

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