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When I left you last on the story of our journey, I shared our exciting news about starting our own Finding Home maple syrup line. We are so excited. Right now, our biggest challenge is logistics. Shipping and packaging and all of those things that come with it. We decided early on not to wait until we had ever detail figured out to launch, so we are moving along figuring out each step as well go.

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As far when our online shop will be open, we are hoping for November 1st. But, hopefully, it will be sooner than that. When I was young, my grandfather used to ask me all the time what I was going to be when I grew up. I used to tell him I was going to open a flower shop. He would scoff at that idea and tell me to become a lawyer, that I would be good in a court room. I always think about what he would think about what I do now. Actually, he owned a paint and hardware store. Somehow, I think he would approved.

When I lost my grandfather at the age of 15, I lost a guider and a cheerleader. Over the years, though, I have always felt he was watching over me. Actually, whenever I have faced really hard things, I have seen a cardinal not very common around here and I have believed it was him letting me know he was watching over me.

I never told anyone this, because yes, I know it sounds crazy. A few years ago, I brought this up with my sister and seems she thought the same thing! Believing that someone is watching over me has helped me through all of the leaps of faith we have been having to make. I have known all along that even know this was something Dana and I were doing, we were going to need people to help guide us and help us find our way.

The truth is, I really wanted it to be Finding Home because I love our brand so much. It really is who we are and what we are about. I knew that if were going to be banking our future on this brand, putting it on labels and growing it, it had to make sense. I love marketing and all things branding. I love being able to do a lot for myself in that respect. But I knew in this case, I need professional help.

After a stop and start with another company, Pinterest lead me to Braizen. I loved their aesthetic, but I really loved their spunk and sass. They turned out to be the perfect partners for us to re-launch Finding Home as something even more. I knew we needed more than someone to design a logo for us, we needed someone who could help guide us through a brand. We knew, actually we learned through each step, we actually had to do a lot of the work ourselves, but Braizen and their amazing team are the ones that got us there.

Baal in the Bathroom

They helped us find the questions that we needed to answer. Working with them has seriously been amazing. From the first conversation, our logo idea was born. And everything since then has been built around that. When we started with Braizen, we filled out a questionnaire so that they could get a sense of us and what we needed and wanted. One of the questions asked if we had any mascots or marks we wanted included in our logo. I mentioned that if it worked, I would love to include a cardinal.

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Ashley from Braizen asked me about that and I shared this story with her…. One of the days we toured Savannah, GA, which really is a lovely city. We started the morning at an awesome bakery, Back in the Day Bakery. I will digress slightly and tell you that their coffee and savory baked goods are amazing. Anyhoo, we had the opportunity to hear Cheryl, one of the owners speak, and share a little bit of her story about starting her bakery and successfully selling her cookbooks. At the time I was there, I was very nervous about the prospect of going into the maple business.

I just could not see it. For some reason, after Cheryl spoke, I felted compelled to share our story with her and see how she responded. Did she think it was stupid to sell maple syrup? A woman with her background should know. Well, I shared our story and she was just so gracious and enthusiastic. And for that I was so thankful. After our conversation, I excused myself to the ladies room. I am going to go home to my parents house in November to celebrate Diwali, a holiday commemorating each deity featured in your bathroom. This is an active religion, practiced today. My true desire is to see the bathroom taken down.

My parents would not have had the courage to stand up for what is right, but I as their daughter, do. Your mission statement is one that touts inclusivity, positivity and safety. If you made it to the end of this letter then I thank you for being open and receptive. I am fully responsible for making the tone-deaf and completely ignorant decor choice. I am sorry for not taking the time to fully understand and research the deep history of the culture I was inspired by before using it to decorate. I feel awful that you had to experience this type of cultural disrespect at House of Yes of all places.

To be transparent, the soonest I can take it on is right after Halloween. If you insist, we can put paint over it until then. I read every word of your email twice and I wanted to thank you for taking the time, being bold yet informative in your writing and also trusting us in that you would be heard. I had broken my silence and spoken up. And yet why did I fear her apology so much? Is it because some hurting goes so deep, genuine remorse cannot erase it? I had to chant to myself: I am grateful for the positive outcome of this exchange. I am grateful I was able to communicate with an empathetic and understanding person.

But at the end of the day, I do not feel warm and fuzzy about this exchange, even though I do think we made some progress. In my most recent conversations with Kae, she wanted to re-decorate the bathroom walls with images of human rights leaders and notable feminists in place of the deities. The final solution will be to paint these images over the deities instead of dismantling the walls entirely. It left me hungry with wonder. What is progress?

teller of stories. editor of yours.

What is the difference between role models, important feminists and religious deities? What are the events that lead to my interaction with House of Yes and can it truly be solved without a fight? Where is the line of what can be put into a bathroom? I have seen both of my parents accept their subservience to white American culture my whole life, never asking to take up space or be respected for it.

So now as their hybrid daughter I do it for them, and I hope to god s there are others like me who will.

God uses the Bathroom

October 7, Brown Girl Magazine. Photos courtesy of Ankita Mishra. Brown Girl Apologizes to Goddess Serena. The Hebrew word pertains to the anus Strong's Concordance, Clarke points out that either the contents of the bowels issued through the wound or he evacuated in the natural way from shock. When this happened, not realizing the king had been assassinated, his servants wondered why he had not returned into the main part of the house.

The margin says: "doeth his easement"; Goodspeed translates it: "is only relieving himself'; and Lamsa: "Perhaps he has gone to the toilet. We meet the expression again when Saul went into a cave "to cover his feet" 1 Samuel It is rendered "to answer the call of nature" Berkeley , "to relieve himself" Moffatt , "to empty his belly" Vulgate , etc.

After this, Saul apparently took a nap. It so happened that David and his men were hiding in this very cave. David could have killed him, but instead only cut off a portion of his robe. When Saul went into the cave, did he not suspect that David and his men might be inside? The Bible does not say, but rabbis later invented a most curious tale: In his foreknowledge, God knew Saul would come to this cave, so he caused a spider to weave her web over the mouth of it.

When Saul saw the web, he took for granted that no person had lately entered the cave? Euphemisms, such as "covering the feet," do not always coincide with the thing they represent, but acquire their meanings through repeated usage. In the United States, since about , the term "rest room" has been in use, even though such is not literally a place to rest. This point was once the basis for a segment of the "Candid Camera" television series.

In a room with numerous cots, people were resting. Outside the door a sign said: "Rest Room. The humor was to be seen, of course, in the expression on the faces of people when they discovered this was a rest room literally , and not a rest room with toilets! Writing obscenities or drawings on rest room walls, sometimes called graffiti, is not a recent phenomenon. Drawings of the sex organs of men or women or together in sexual union were believed by some ancient people to have a magical effect. Giuseppe Fiorelli, who was appointed in to do excavations there, noted that the rain of ash had often hardened so closely around corpses, even though they had decomposed, their exact outline was preserved.

By pouring a solution of plaster into the hollows, not only were the shapes of bodies reproduced, but even facial expressions, the outline of clothing and sandals! The first cast shown here belongs to a man dashed against the floor by the fall of a roof. His fingers are clinched and elbows drawn as if trying to lift the weight from his body.

The second cast belongs to a man ill in bed, apparently unable to attempt an escape. Another casting shows a watchdog left chained behind the street-door of the house of Vesonius Prinius. Another victim of Vesuvius was the grown son of Drusilla, a famous Hebrew beauty, who heard Paul preach years before at Caesarea Acts A painting preserved on a wall in Pompeii shows Priapus weighing his enormous phallus. A collection of graffiti from temples of Priapus, first published in the late fifteenth century as an appendix to Virgil, describes how Priapus punished transgressors in various indecent ways.

The accompanying illustration, carved in relief on a slab of travertine at Pompeii, is a phallus bordered by the words: "Hic Habitat Felicitas," "Here dwells happiness". Another example of graffiti read: "I liked a girl with a proper mat, not depilated and shorn, then you can snug in from the cold, as an overcoat she's worn. Some were humorous: "I wonder, wall, you do not smash, beneath the weight of all this trash.

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It is believed to be a caricature of Jesus on the cross, but with the head of a donkey. Next to him is a Christian with hand raised in worship. The caption reads: "Alexamenos worships his god. Apparently the priests of Ammon produced ammonia from nitrogenous organic matter in the fourth century B. Ammonia, commonly used in modem cleaning products, is also one of the ingredients of urine.

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Understanding this gives a degree of credibility to an ancient and widespread practice: using urine for washing. According to a primitive superstition, the condition of a person absent on a trip - whether he was well or ill, safe or in danger - could be determined by looking at his urine in a bottle, a custom pictured in the centuries-old drawing included here.

The parents of one of the boys in a Sunday School class owned a liquor store. When Christmas came, the boy presented his teacher with a gift neatly wrapped in a box. The teacher didn't suppose it was a bottle of liquor, but had noticed a wet spot where something had leaked out.

When asked to guess what was in the box, the teacher said: "Coke? Nevertheless, as strange as it seems, drinking urine was a part of ancient folk medicine. It was used as a remedy for snake bite.