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But I do wonder how many of our clients truly realise that. Yes, they say that they can distinguish fact from fantasy, but when it comes to making life decisions, are they not much more tempted to let heart dictate simply because they are romance fans? Our readers are intelligent enough to understand the difference, just as the many fans of rom coms and chick flicks would not choose to mirror in their lives what they see on film. Sexual health news. Reuse this content.

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Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Rachel Mackenzie and widower Dr. Matthew Thompson should be at odds -- the disastrous non-wedding of their respective children has thrown the village of Dalverston into turmoil!

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But Matt and Rachel are faced with their From top-notch doc to daddy-to-be! Gorgeous doctor Ben Nicholls might be the heartthrob of Dalverston General, but he locked up his heart and threw away the key the day he watched Dr. Zoe Frost walk away from him. Two years later, when Zoe make Since Dr. Ross MacKenzie discovered that his wedding had been cancelled, the devastatingly handsome doctor's heart has been well and truly guarded.

However Ross cannot ignore the sparks that flicker between him and practice nurse Gemma Craven--sparks Nurse Heather Thompson has taken her fragile heart down to London to start afresh. She is startled to find that her new boss is the gorgeous, caring Archie Carew--the man who saved her from a disastrous marriage! Brilliant surgeon Archie is drawn The Italian's newfound family Arriving in beautiful Sardinia to take up her new position as junior registrar, Dr.

Kelly Carlyon is horrified to find her new boss is Luca Ferrero, the brooding Italian who once broke her heart. But the handsome Love under the Mediterranean sun Nurse Katie Carlyon has come to start a new life in the Cypriot sunshine--but on arrival she realises she has been let down by the man she has come to marry.

While helping to save a tourist's life at the airport, h From playboy doctor Playboy doctor Harry Shaw is rich, successful and extremely handsome. Grace refuses to be impressed by Har Major incident headquarters The only possible outcome--disaster! Grace Darling Hospital Seb Bridges, is ready and waiting-- to But when it came to a choice between her or his glittering pediatric career, Connor chose the job. And then she discovered she w Beautiful nurse Rose Tremayne would have done anything to have kept her baby.

Circumstances forced her into adoption, though there hasn't been a day when she hasn't found herself wondering what happened to her precious little boy. Then Rose finds On discovering he has a daughter, Lewis Cole's life is changed in an instant, from single city surgeon to single father and country G. He's determined to give little Kristy all of the love and attention she needs, but somehow he finds there is also Michael Rafferty will do anything to convince nurse Natalie Palmer to bring her nursing talents back to the Worlds Together team. The longer he spends persuading her to return to their medical ranks, the more he wonders why he ever let this woman Yesterday, today and always Now that Dr.

Kasey Harris is part of the team, the Worlds Together aid unit is complete and ready for their assignment. The only problem is, the head of the team is gorgeous, arrogant surgeon Adam Chandler -- and Ada Running from her past … into the arms of her future! Francesca Goodwin just wants to escape. Working as a GP in isolated Teesdale sounds perfect … until she meets her new p It's Christmastime at Dalverston General Hospital, and midwife Katie Denning is frantically trying to find a stand-in Santa for the carol concert. A gorgeous stranger, Nick Lawson, steps in at the last minute, but it isn't until after he has claimed Two years ago Holly Daniels's fiance walked out without any warning -- now the two specialist registrars are reunited, forced to work side by side in the rapid response team of a busy emergency unit.

Holly's surprised at how fast her heart respond Then, when she meets Worlds Together's courageous founder and surgeon Shiloh Smith, her heart really starts to pound.

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The last two things she ever expected -- a man and a baby! Sacrificing her personal life to become a high-flying surgeon has left Joanna Martin with few regrets. She has learned not to risk her heart for any man -- including her new senior regis Love and family have never been in Dr. Catherine Lewis's career plan. But by working with Dr. Matt Fielding in his practice by day and playing with him and his two beautiful daughters by night, Catherine experiences everything she'd thought she never Nurse Sophie Patterson is looking forward to a fresh start when she accepts the post of resident nurse on board a luxury liner.

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Until she discovers that her boss is Dr. Liam Kennedy -- her ex-husband. Their past and her desire for him are brought bac She's got her career and her daughter to keep her busy. But when she crosses paths with a daring firefighter, she's frightened by the strength of her emotions -- she doesn't want another hero in her l Especially so this year for it consultant surgeon Will Saunders.

The woman he has nurtured and protected over the last few years has decided to The family they need Nurse Leanne Russell leaves her native Australia in search of her real mother -- and finds Dr. Nick Slater. Being adopted, she's dreamed of a family of her own -- now she knows she wants a family with Nick. Nick is deeply a A child beyond price Dr.

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Felipe Valdez believes that Becky Williams incited his brother to leave her his fortune. When he learns that she's the mother of his brother's child, he's forced to listen to her plea for help. He finds a devoted mother and Professionals: Dr. Michelle Roberts A sellout!

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That's what Dr. Michelle Roberts considered Dr. As Morgan stood by her bed with Tomas in his arms Katrina felt her dream of adopting Tom The Christmas child Nurse Anna Clemence didn't tell her new employers at the Winton medical office about her pregnancy, or how her baby was conceived. She really needed the job.

She didn't tell handsome Dr. Ben Cole, either, but in his efforts to Beth knows she must find Rescue mission Sharon Lennard attributed tension between herself and her new boss to his not liking her. Then she realized it was because Dr. Matthew Dempster liked her all too much. When she met his daughter, she discovered the reason for his ret Not the marrying kind? Staff nurse Maggie Carr had hated Luke Fabrizzi on sight and was irritated that everyone else worshiped the handsome new Italian senior resident.

Their conflict had stemmed from resentment when Maggie's family had tried to i Karen Young's move to London was prompted by a relationship gone sour, so she was less than enamored when resident Nick Bentley began paying attention to her! She liked and admired him for his dedication to the children, but wasn't blind to the diffe Some risks are worth taking Meg's healing touch could give hope to the people of Oncamba, but she despaired of ever getting through to the leader of the medical aid team, Jack Trent.

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As the spitting image of his flighty ex-wife, Meg had a hard A special joy Bringing up her special-needs son, Robbie, has meant a busy life for Laura Grady. When she takes up a new nursing post at Dalverston General Hospital, her attraction for the pediatric resident Mark Dawson is an unwanted distraction.

Eight years previously she had refused to travel with Sean to Africa, and he had left unaware that Claire was pregnant. Although her motives had bee Having given up the love of her life five years ago, staff nurse Lucy Benson had never expected to see Tom Farrell again. But when he turned up at the hospital as the new consultant, widowed and with a three-year-old son, Adam, Lucy knew she had neve Alexandra Campbel Until now, midwife Sarah Harris had devoted herself to work.

But the arrival of Dr. Niall Gillespie, as new head of the department, changed all that. Sarah soon knew she was deeply attracted, but Niall seemed to hold everyone at bay. Only when she w If nothing else Home is where the heart is Holly Ross had left Yewdale abruptly after the death of her mother, but now a year later she felt able to come home once more. Many changes awaited her, not least a new stepmother. But the biggest change of al was her growi Trusting in James Returning to Yewdale was no hardship for Dr.

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Elizabeth Allen, for she loved the place and its people. Working alongside her father at their general practice was a joy, until his health gave out and he retired. Change was unwel Making room for love Dr. Louise couldn't believe her good luck on winning a luxury holiday in Florida! But that delight died a death when she met Wyatt Lord, who had an odd attitude towards her. However, he was ill and she was a nurse, so she would ignore his agressiveness. Katherine's marriage seems perfect.

Her husband, Jordan James, is handsome, charming and wealthy -- and their home idyllic. However, in reality, theirs is a marriage of convenience. Katherine has been happy to accept this -- it's easy, comfortable Prescription: take one female! After his last disastrous experience, Dr. Matthew Hunt had sworn off women - until he met Nicola Thorne. Because she arrived late and was dressed more for a party than a medical practice, it was a shock to discover tha Stephanie Jacobs had had enough.

Everywhere she turned Logan Ford loomed. First he accused her of flirting with him and then he had the audacity to suggest she was meddling when all she wanted was to help little Jess. She pitied the little girl, havi Her lie came back to haunt her.

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Ten years ago Rachel and Stephen had had an affair -- the result was little Jamie. For reasons of her own, Rachel had told Stephen that Jamie was someone else's child. But when Rachel finally admitted Stephen was the f Shadow from the past How many married couples had the chance to fall in love all over again? Anna might have lost her memory but she remembered her husband--and how much she loved him. Ricco Falcone was not a man who could be easily forgotten! Marcus Cole was convinced that Eden was his brother-in-law's mistress. And she couldn't tell him the truth -- that he had mistaken her for her sister -- not when he was threatening to take the story to the papers!

Eden found Marcus's darkly attractiv Natalie knew she should be grateful to Flynn O'Rourke when he'd taken her beloved Marcus's place and helped her out of a sticky situation. But it was hard to be indebted to a man who strode into your life and took it over. Besides, though Flynn was M You are who you are.

We come from different worlds. From the moment Gabrielle stepp To have and to hold Laura had fallen in love with Luis Rivera at first sight. Theirs had been a fairy-tale romance -- until the wedding night! Then everything had fallen apart and Laura had run as far and as fast as she could. Now Luis had