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During a talk with her mother that evening, she asks her if they could try to make their Christmas "Dickens-Style"; however her mother is reluctant to do this. Another neighbor's daughter, Amber Mottola, is a supermodel, and her mother harps on how Melody's sister is married, and so Melody storms out, saying that she's sorry she's not anything that makes her mother proud, missing her mother saying that she is proud.

The next day at work, Melody is passed over for a promotion to the head of the perfume department at the department store where she works for a younger, less skilled co-worker, April May, whose main objective is to sell, not to serve. Melody finally decides to finish her Christmas list, and the next day, she takes it to work and after some playfulness with Naomi Naomi puts it in Santa's Mailbox at the department store.

Then, things begin to change.

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She meets Danny Skylar, a boy who wants to buy a perfume that was similar to the smell of his late mother's, and when he can't pay the full amount, Melody loans him the rest, and he puts her name, along with his, on the entry form in a sweepstakes at the store to win a new Ford Mustang convertible. Danny drags his father to attend the drawing for the Mustang, and his father is surprised when Danny and Melody win.

Melody gets into trouble because store employees cannot enter drawings, but Danny explains the mix-up and pledges to give her the car until he can drive. Melody is attracted to Danny's father, Dr. David Skylar, and while she gives them the car, her boyfriend intervenes and they work out a schedule so that they can share the car, which offers opportunities for Melody and Dr. Skylar to start to share a close bond. That same night, a tree appears in Melody's apartment, and Melody's mother changes as well, becoming more maternal and says that the whole family is going to be celebrating Christmas Dickens-style.

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When Danny goes to make another payment on the perfume, he asks Melody to go to lunch with him, and George comes as well. For these kinds of wish lists, you can either make them elegant and professional or fun and quirky — depending on the situation. Christmas list templates for the office would most likely be more elegant and sophisticated while those which you plan to pass around to your family or relatives could be more customized and fun.

These are the kinds of wish lists you can create on your own software or you can also go online to find a printable Christmas list which would suit your needs the most. Here are some ideas on making Christmas wish lists which are quite interesting or which you may have not even thought of before.

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This would make it a lot easier for gift givers and it would save a lot of time and efforts too. You can pass your list along to people you are close to, such as family, relatives, and friends or at the office but make sure that you pass it to everyone. Giving a list of your own wants may come across as tacky and might not give a good message to other people, even to those you are close to. When someone asks for a list of things you want, then by all means, give it out.

Grown-Up Christmas List

If not, you can start the conversation, suggest the concept and see if everyone involved is on board with passing around a Christmas list. There you go! Some ideas for successfully making and using a Christmas list. Now comes the fun part — actually learning how to make your own Christmas wish list template. Making your own template can be a lot of fun and while you are making it, you will definitely be feeling the spirit of Christmas creeping in.

Here are a few tips to help you think about what you would want to write down in case a wish list is given to you. Making a list and filling up a list are two very different things but are equally fun to do.

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This app does it all. Completely free, no annoying ads, and all the features are included without needing to buy any upgrades. Watch How it Works.

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Watch How No idea what to get? Easily add new gift ideas to your lists. Invite others to come and add their own wishlist items. Don't lose track of time - it sneaks up on you. Trusted by Hundreds Whether your family lives next door or in another state, this is the Christmas app for you! Watch the Video. Frequently Asked Questions How much does it cost? Absolutely nothing to use the website! Save your money for gifts and charity donations this season. When you click on a gift or product link and make a purchase, we earn a tiny fraction of the sale sometimes.

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