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The Whaley House

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Paranormal activity reported there has included mysterious voices and noises, growling and unknown music. This gulch is reportedly haunted by a pair of lovers who died there after the woman was kidnapped, the man tried to rescue her, and both were injured in the fighting. Visitors have reported hearing screams as well as an apparition of the lovers.

More than 1, Confederate troops and four Confederate generals died near this plantation, so many visitors have reportedly seen Confederate soldier ghosts haunting the premises. Ghosts of the Carnton children — only two of whom lived to adulthood — have also been seen. It's no wonder this retired warship is known as the "Blue Ghost" — the ghost of an engine room operator killed in a World War II battle is said to haunt the ship, and visitors have described lights turning on and off with no explanation.

The spot where nearly settlers were murdered in in the Utah War remains haunted, with visitors reporting cries and screams at the site. The Dutton House, part of the Shelburne Museum, has long been a site of paranormal activity.

Travel to the Most Haunted Places in the US

Museum employees have reported seeing the ghost of an old man and hearing the sound of a crying child. Virginia's oldest house, built in , has a serious history of haunting occurrences. Inhabitants have reported seeing a temporary glowing ball of light a white face with black eyes and a white scarf. Furniture and objects have also been known to relocate for no reason. Local records indicate that police have been called to this seat of government multiple times to investigate lights being turned on and off, odd noises, and fire alarms going off without an explanation.

Police haven't been able to find evidence of anyone inside.

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Originally built to house patients, this hospital once held more than 2,, crowded and living in poor conditions. The hospital closed in and reopened as a tourist attraction, and visitors have reported screams, shadowy figures and slamming doors. Built over a century ago, this house has a long history of mysterious activity, including fleeting shadows, whispering voices, random pockets of chilled air and objects moving on their own. Even though the house was mostly destroyed by fire in , the paranormal activity allegedly continues.

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The most famous ghost said to dwell in this former military fort is the Lady in Green, who disappeared after disobeying her father's orders and riding her horse alone. Her ghost reportedly appears near Fort Laramie every seven years. The former Remington Arms Co. Bloomberg, Bloomberg via Getty Images.

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The tombs were wiped of personal information during post processing. Applicable concepts could include tourism, religion, history, culture, spirituality, or many others. Later called the Armand Auclerc Weston State Hospital, the psychiatric hospital was operated from until by the US government. The hospital's main building is one of the largest hand-cut stone masonry buildings in the United States.

Travel to the Most Haunted Places in the US

Originally designed to hold patients, numbers swelled to over 2, in the s. It was forcibly closed in due to changes in treatments of patients. Mary Todd Lincoln spent several summers in Manchester and although she planned to return in , those plans were cut short when her husband, President Abraham Lincoln, was assassinated.

Hauntings have been reported at Hildene, in the form of Mary Todd Lincoln. Pettibone in his History of Manchester. Less than a year later, the young bride had died of consumption following months of declining health. Burton remarried in , this time to a young woman named Hulda Powell, who was also said to be healthy and handsome upon their marriage.

Thus, the body of Rachel Harris was exhumed three years after her death in a ceremony that was reportedly attended by up to a thousand people. In , Powell also passed away from tuberculosis. Although Dellwood Cemetery did not exist at the time, local folklore speculates that the young Rachel Harris was buried—and later exhumed—in that very same plot of land. Judge Pettibone, however, is known to be buried in Dellwood Cemetery alongside hundreds of other historic figures. Even without a sighting of the Demon Vampire of Manchester, the hauntingly beautiful grounds of Dellwood Cemetery are not to be missed.

Legends surrounding the nearby Glastenbury Mountain date back centuries, with Native American lore describing the desolate peak as cursed and ongoing reports of disappearing figures, disembodied voices, and mysterious plane crashes. The string of missing persons began in with Middie Rivers, an experienced hunting guide who had spent much of his 74 years navigating Glastenbury. On November 12, Rivers was guiding four hunters up the mountain when he was separated from the group.

Although an extensive search was conducted for the missing man, neither Rivers—nor his body—was ever found.

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Many observed the young woman walking toward Glastenbury Mountain, which both the Long Trail and Appalachian Trail traverse.