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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Happy reading Lit Noir 12 Bookeveryone. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. This Film is Lit Wednesday, June 26, how many ears must one man have. We have to fix this. Jedi Council Forums? Brokeback Mountain.

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Urban Sketches. Ford, U. I am also an admirer of Katerina's work.

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Her poetry collection The Porcupine of Mind is terrific, and in fact, inspired a poem that was published in Diode. I also loved her edited anthology of Bulgarian poetry, The Season of Delicate Hunger, many of which she translated, herself.

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I think we should be reading more work in translation, and if you agree, you'll enjoy exquisite collection. Katerina seems to one of those people who is everywhere doing all things, and doing them well, and I so look forward to working closely with her. The Compost Reader will come out in mid, and I just can't wait. Happy Macadamia Nut Day.

The bar was great for us. Lots of ambiance. The stage lights made for excellent photography, and people could order good eats and craft beer before or after the reading.

Dianne Borsenik Reads May 4, The only problem was the acoustics--even after sound tiles and a special human-voice amp were installed, the sound bounce was so rough that a little hilarity in the kitchen would cause mayhem in the listening experience of the audience. So reluctantly, we moved the series, but landed in a gorgeous art gallery, a real arts hub in downtown Youngstown that champions local artists and initiatives.

Noor Hindi Reads July 10, We brought in a mic and we were good to go Don't get me wrong--I'm all about that! I bring in dishes and jelly jars to reduce the waste and doesn't everything taste better on a real plate? But after awhile I didn't know what to bring. That was when I hit on the idea: the national food holiday calendar. I've made cream puffs, pot stickers, peanut brittle, and raspberry ice cream. For National Ketchup Day, we brought down a grill. For National Pina Colada Day, we brought 2 blenders, one for virgin coladas.

This has made me happy, and the default is helpful. Of course we have to serve chocolate parfaits!

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It's National Chocolate Parfait Day! We've got a reading coming up September 4 and I'm making these. I know! But if you're nearby, come for the Coconut Macadamia Bars and stay for the poetry. We have so much homegrown talent here, it's great to be part of this writing community. Tuesday, March 5, Dear Youngstown.

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  5. So thankful to NightBallet Press and editor Dianne Borsenik for publishing this collection of poems that centers around my adopted home. As I began gathering these poems, it occurred to me that my life and my city were simultaneously reeling with profound change, reeling as in scale, and reeling as in dance. Love the cover, a painting by Cleveland artist Timothy Gaewsky. I launched the book in the studio of Dragana Crnjak, and her painting students showed their work as well.


    I think over 60 people came out, and the rush of a new book, being so surrounded by friends, and reading personal material was a gut punch, the good kind. Photo credit: Arya-frencesca Jenkins. Her words bring us back, fully, to the living complications of the places we call home. Such a thrill to have my poem featured on Best American Poetry Online.

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    Many thanks to Nin Andrews for this evocative series, and for including this poem. When I wrote it, I was working on a series of prose poems that took an aphorism and made of it an absurd vignette.

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    This one was workshopped in a summer class with Craig Paulenich, and benefited from his and my classmates' astute critique. Flenniken noted that the poems reminded her of Roz Chast cartoons, the highest honor I have ever been paid.


    That, and this poem being named the first William Dickey Memorial Broadside Contest, which prompted me to learn more about William Dickey and his work. Lit Youngstown's First Wednesday Reading Series is scheduled a year at a time, so the end-of-year readings seem impossibly far away, yet arrive with light speed. Wednesday, December 5, we will host playwright Mike Geither reading from his original play Heirloom. I have been looking forward to this one, especially.

    His students and I enjoyed his high-energy engagement and perceptive advice.